Monday, May 7, 2007


We love watching "Dancing with the Stars" and guess who's our favorite? We love watching Apolo and Julianne! This week they walked off with the highest scores, despite Len's picki-picki-pickiness about their going too fast on one dance, and he gave them an 8 when the other two judges gave perfect 10s.

These two young people seem so wholesome and are having so much fun together, like brother and sister. And despite Julianne's youth (she's only 18), she really knows her choreography! To take a speed skater and turn him into a ballroom dancer ... it's simply amazing!

Our fingers are crossed for Apolo and Julianne this season, the fourth for this show, one we've watched from Day One, aqnd one that's sparked E's own passion for ballroom dance.

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SusansPlace said...

I'm pulling for them too! :-)



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