Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Still Recovering...

I'm still very tired and very busy after the retreat in NC. It was a lovely time of creativity, nature, good conversation, and tons of chocolate.

This week I have stuff on every day: chiropractic appointments, Bible study, creative arts council board meeting, doctor's appointment, and homeschooling, lots of homeschooling. I should have gone in for chelation this week also, but will have to go next week.

My time has been taken up with my photo blogs lately, so check out both of them (see sidebar on left; the 365 blog will lead you to the 365 Extras which contains the majority of retreat photos).

I'll be back soon to discuss some of the many ideas roaming around my mind presently....


xinxian said...

dear susanne,
your blog is so lovely and i can tell a dear woman who love life from your are passionate,warm and have interesting in the life.i admire you very much,you are a teacher,i think not all the mom have the patient to teach their children.i would like to read your article,and wish we can know each other more.
sincer xinxian.

Susanne B. said...

Thank you, Xinxian!

I so appreciate having you read my blog and commenting. :)


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