Monday, May 7, 2007

Sunday Meditations....

I've been reading a wonderful book that my friend Carmen sent me for my birthday. It's a great study of the saints of the Church, written as a sort of spiritual biography. My Life with the Saints by James Martin is a sometimes humorous, always insightful and intriguing look at the saints who have affected his spiritual life the most.

Thus far he's discussed Thomas Merton, Saint Therese, Joan of Arc, and Saint Ignatius. I'm enjoying learning more about these people of God who have walked the pilgrim pathway ahead of me, of whom I can learn and take their lives as examples of ones lived fully for God, despite sins and shortcomings.

I find their personalities intriguing, as Fr. Martin lays out all their spiritual gifts as well as their humanity, their foibles, their idiosyncracies, which make them all the more endearing to me. As they point unrelentingly to Christ in how they lived their lives, they encourage me to love and serve Him all the more devotedly.

So I'm very much enjoying this book ... will write more later as I keep on reading....

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