Sunday, May 13, 2007


We've been rooting for Yau-Man in this season's Survivor Fiji. He has impressed us greatly with his humor, intellect, grace under pressure, kindness, and skills with both people and the games. Yau's joy when finding the immunity idol, his aid in helping Earl find one as well, and his weakness being his strength all endeared him to us. He has always played to his full potential, and to see Dreamz go back on his word so completely tonight angered us beyond words. Keith and E were sure Dreamz would keep his word and give Yau-Man the immunity idol he promised to give in exchange for the brand-new truck Yau-Man gave him, but I was sure Dreamz would renege. Even though I expected Dreamz to go back on his word, I was still exceedingly angry when he did so. Here's Dreamz, who works with children and claims to be a Christian and says he wants to teach integrity to his own son and other kids, and then he not only keeps the immunity idol he promised Yau-Man for himself but also keeps the truck Yau Man gave him! How unbelievably crass.

All the way through while we were rooting for Yau, we said Earl was our second favorite. When Earl also voted for Yau, we were extremely disappointed, but Yau would have won against Earl, according to a poll during the Reunion Show, so Earl did win the game by his ploy. Earl is an okay guy, but Yau was our MAN! He definitely should have won; he played the game SMART, despite age and size and lack of strength; his only mistake was trusting where he shouldn't have, which was a common downfall as Dreamz pretty much double-crossed everyone at one time or another this season.

We love Yau, MAN!

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