Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

At church I was presented with a bag of Dove chocolates and a refrigerator magnet, gifts from our church to all the mothers. We also experienced a sermon on "Mary, Mother of the Perfect Child." After chatting with friends, we ate our usual post-church Taco Bell lunch, then stopped at two fabric stores and the pet store on errands. I asked if we could also stop at Summers Past Farms on the way home, so we strolled the gardens, listening to hymns played live on guitar and meeting up with friends from church. It was far too crowded to take photos there today, so these are from Friday.

When I got home, I watered the garden and planted the three six-packs of flowers (cosmos, dianthus, and salvia) I had purchased at Summers Past on Friday. Then I sat out in my beach chair on the lawn, reading about Dorothy Day in My Life with the Saints and sunning myself. Keith made homemade gluten-free pizza tonight for dinner and dark chocolate mousse for dessert, which we enjoyed while watching the Survivor Fiji finale. E gave me some lavender bath salts, bath beads, and lotion, and T made me earrings at church. On Friday I spent my birthday gift certificate from my Secret Sister at Aubrey Rose Tea Room where I bought a small "green Betty" teapot for every day use and a warmer (put a tea light underneath to keep the tea hot in the pot). So I was assured of receiving at least one gift on Mother's Day.

My own mother spent the day sitting on the beach in Waikiki, so she had a lovely Mother's Day; before my parents left, we had given her Plumeria products from Bath and Body Works, her favorite. Besides, one can't get better than a Mother's Day on a Hawaiian beach!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers I know who inspire me with their love and care and wisdom as we love and serve and teach and encourage our children, whatever their ages!


xinxian said...

dear susan,happy mother day to you too.i often think of you are a good have so many kids,and you teach them,take care of are my sample.hehe

xinxian said...

in adittion,i love these kids picture very much,my daughter is 1 year older than Benjieming.they are so lovely.hehe

Susanne B. said...

Thanks, XinXian! I appreciate those words of encouragement and affirmation. :)


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