Saturday, January 10, 2009

Books Read in 2008

I am quite astonished at how few books I read in 2008. I usually read twice as many, easily. But it has been a busy year with working much more for BraveWriter and tutoring an average of three afternoons a week. And I've been writing more which automatically means reading less. In fact, most of my reading takes place in my therapeutic spa before bed each night. If it hadn't been for our Logos Reading and Discussion group at Lake Murray, I doubt that I would have read even this many books.

I somehow have never counted the book I read aloud to the kids, mostly because they're juvenile literature, but I think that I'm going to start adding them. I also haven't counted the billions of times we've listened to each and every of the Harry Potter books on our long drives down the hill and back -- half an hour to El Cajon, then however long from there. But now that my tape player in my car broke, listening to books on tape is no longer a possibility. We prefer them over books on CD or iPod because wherever we stop listening, we started back at the same spot. Very handy.

So here are my books read in 2008, in reverse order: (Books marked with an asterisk were read for Logos)

30. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Rowling (2007)
29. The Lovely Bones, Sebold(2002)*
28. Eagle of the Ninth, Sutcliff (1954)
27. Beowulf (c.800, 2000 Seamus Heaney translation)*
26. Seven Dials, Perry (2003)
25. Murder on Bank Street, Thompson (2008)
24. Murder in Chinatown, Thompson (2007)
23. Death Comes for the Archbishop, Cather (1927)*
22. Long Spoon Lane, Perry (2007)
21. All's Well That Ends Well, Shakespeare (c. 1603)*
20. Buckingham Palace Gardens, Perry (2008)
19. Where Are You Now?, Clark (2008)
18. Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen, James (2008)
17. The Celtic Riddle, Anderson (2000)
16. Life of Pi, Martel (2001)*
15. Austenland, Hale (2007)
14. Blue Like Jazz, Miller (2002)*
13. Suspense and Sensibility, Bebris(2005)
12. Pride and Prescience, Bebris (2004)
11. North by Northanger, Bebris (2006)
10. HP and the Half-Blood Prince, Rowling (2005)
9. Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver, Konisberg (1973)
8. The Picture of Dorian Gray, Wilde (1891)*
7. Screwtape Letters, Lewis (1942)*
6. HP and the Deathly Hallows, Rowling (2007)
5. Home to Holly Springs, Karon (2007)
4. Their Eyes Were Watching God, Hurston (1937)*
3. HP and the Order of the Phoenix, Rowling (2003)
2. Great Expectations, Dickens (1860)*
1. The Holy Rule of St. Benedict (c. 530 AD)


Unknown said...

Well, you still read a whole lot more than I did. Of course a good portion of my reading was actually re-reading the 1st 4 HP books, along with a couple of others. Other than that, I'm lucky to get through the RD before the next one comes and I'm a bit behind in my Zoo News reading. Then again, I do tend to do a bit of art in there which of course precludes any reading I might otherwise do.
One book that you read, Murder on Bank...something, sounds interesting. I do enjoy a good mystery, or "who dunit" as I like to say.

Susanne Barrett said...

I can lend your the Victoria Thompson mysteries -- Dr. Burns' receptionist gave them to me after she was done with them. They're good. Really good. Let me know if you want them and I can drop them at the office.

Unknown said...

I'd be happy to give them a try. Nothing to loose anyway, right? Reading always expands the mind. Hope that you don't get blown about on the road today.


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