Friday, January 2, 2009

Resolutions, Resolutions....

Yes, each year I make resolutions, and each year I succeed partly, but never wholly. Two years ago I resolved to start a journal and write in it regularly, but not daily: I filled the last page with one hour left on Wednesday night, New Year's Eve. E purchased a new journal for me for Christmas, and I now have the habit instilled to pull it out every week or so and scribble down the happenings of our daily lives. Very successful resolution that worked well.

Also two years ago, I resolved to join
Project 365 and post a photo a day for a year. I wasn't able to start until I received my own camera for my birthday in March, and I indeed kept a daily photo journal for 365 days, finishing last March. And this year I want to go back to that practice of documenting our days. My skills and camera are both weak compared to my far more accomplished friends with far more amazing cameras, but I resolve to keep on going. The occasional flashes of decent photography I achieve are worth it, plus seeing the beautiful work of my talented cohorts (see sidebar of my 365 blog for links to their photo blogs) in Project 365 is beyond rewarding. The work of Carol, Nicole Rae, Sandie, and Sandy are particularly good. So I'm back, desiring to learn and grow as a fledgling photographer.

I have been part of Sisters Learning, Trusting Daily (formerly Sonlight Trim Down) for more years than I can figure out. This wonderful Christian group of currently or formerly homeschooling moms share prayer requests and health goals, challenging and encouraging each other along the way. We cry with each other and celebrate with each other. So I am setting four simple resolutions that I hope will turn into habits as easily as the more artistic goals of journaling and photography, and I will ask the dear women of SLTD to help keep me accountable:

1) I will get a minimum of eight hours of sleep per night. That means going to bed before 10 PM so that I have time to soak in the spa before bed and pray Compline before climbing between my cozy flannel sheets. I plan to be up at 6:30 AM six days per week (I still plan to sleep in on Saturdays) so that I can accomplish the other three items on my list. They all pretty much hinge on the success of this resolution, for without enough sleep, everything else falls between the cracks and nothing goes right.

2) I will write for 20-30 minutes per day, NOT including blogging or journaling. This is the final artistic habit I want to get into -- working on my novel, my non-fiction work, or poetry/essays on a daily basis, except Sundays. I also want to clear some study time, but I'm going to wait a month or two after I get this habit established before adding in this one.

3) I will exercise five days per week, working up to at least half an hour each day. Because of my physical challenges, I will have to start slowly. I tried stationary bicycling the other day for 2.25 miles in 13 minutes, and my pain shot up quite high for several days following. I will have to start at one miles of stationary bicycling and go from there. I also want to eat healthily, but again I will work more on that one once I get the exercise established. The ultimate goal is to lose 40 pounds, all gained as a result of the steroids I was on over the past few years to control my arthritis/chronic pain. I'm off them now and hope to make some headway in getting back down to a healthy weight (and back into my cute size 6 clothes!).

4) I want to pray the Liturgy of the Hours, according to my 2009 Rule of Life. I will post more about my Rule tomorrow. Basically I will pray and read Scripture four times per day. I have been working up to this goal since the beginning of the school year, and some days are better than others. Again, details tomorrow.

So I have had some success with New Years' Resolutions in the past becoming ingrained habits. I hope that these four will as well, especially #1 as all the rest rather depend upon the success of getting adequate sleep each night.

What are your New Years' Resolutions? Or don't you make any? Why or why not?
And Happy Ninth Day of Christmas!


CC said...

Happy New Year! I love your idea about taking one picture a day. I wish I had started on the 1st! I also love your idea about getting 8 hours of sleep every night. I might aim for 7 1/2. I think I am going to add eating out less. We just joined a community supported agriculture group, so we are getting heaps of locally grown vegies every week. Yum! Hugs to all:)

Susanne Barrett said...

You can still start -- just continue to January 3 next year! Setting up a photo blog on blogger takes literally five minutes. If you decide to do it, let me know so I can add it to my blogroll. I take more than one photo each day, but choose the best one to post. It's fun but it does take some time. But it is SO rewarding to look back through the year documented in photos, especially as the kids seem to grow up soooooo fast!

Happy New Year to you all as well! Hug Jeff and the girls from us!


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