Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sirius .... Seriously

I am thrilled to be writing this blog entry from a new laptop -- the Hp Pavilion dv-1140 Go Entertainment Notebook PC -- see image above from

You see, I've been limping along in cyberspace, using a seven-year-old dinosaur of a Toshiba laptop not-so-fondly named "Eeyore" for its slowness and reluctance to perform any function without severe complaints. A "good day" with Eeyore meant taking 20 minutes to get online while a "bad day" meant I was either on Keith's computer or using the PC's at our small town's library. Neither of these situations were helpful when attempting to teach online courses, especially when said courses were saved on Eeyore.

Our church's administrator, Veneta, took Eeyore home with her and managed to get the 13 viruses off Eeyore over a several day period. Then she had to drive all the way up the mountain to try to get him back online -- which took four hours of a lovely vacation day. Then as Eeyore kept getting stubborner and stubborner, I was calling her on a regular basis. On Thursday when I asked her what to do when Eeyore refused to load the antivirus software after four attempts, she told me to "Open jacuzzi lid. Insert Eeyore. Close jacuzzi lid. Turn on jacuzzi."

Keith took that as a sign that I really, really needed a new computer. He managed to find this new, sleek, shiny, sexy laptop for half-price because of sales, a rebate, and the fact that the box had been opened, although the computer was still wrapped tight. He surprised me by bringing it home last night (Friday), and I've been getting it online, getting AOL all set up, and moving my files over from the external hard drive. Good thing I backed Eeyore up just last weekend!

I still have a bit of a learning curve -- such as saving photos from online like the computer photo above. But I'll get it all worked out very soon. I love the way this keyboard feels as I type with it -- simply lovely. It's so much smaller and lighter than Eeyore ... and had a battery! Eeyore's battery lasted five to ten minutes, and this one should last about two hours, according to users. It's simply lovely.

The hard thing has been thinking up a name for it. My friend Carrie's family names all of their computers after theologians, but I'm not that sophisticated. I thought that since it's an HP, I must name it after a Harry Potter character, right? (After all, my '91 Corolla is named "Molly" after Mrs. Weasley because both have more spunk that one would think.) So since this computer is such a nice shiny black I've opted for ...

... Sirius. Yes, Sirius Black. The pun opportunities should be endless.

Seriously. :)

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