Sunday, January 11, 2009

Disappointment in Pittsburgh

The excitement has been building all week after the Charger's win last week. The Bolts came back from a 4-8 season to make it into the Wildcard slot, and the fact they won last week without L.T. encouraged the fans as the Bolts went to Pittsburgh to play the Steelers. The Chargers paraphernalia has been all over the city, and the blue and gold and lightning bolts were scattered all over jerseys and t-shirts at church this morning. In fact, the church business meeting tonight had a TV on hand, just in case the game went late so that people could watch the game during the potluck before the meeting.

But a win was not to be. Despite an excellent start, the third and fourth quarters were a huge disappointment. But the one time I sit down to watch a Chargers football game all season, we lose. It happens every darn time. So I am officially removing myself from watching any and all Charger games in the future so that their path to the Superbowl in 2010 may be completely unimpeded. Who am I to get in the way of success? The happiness of all of Southern California (as Los Angeles does not have a team anymore) will rest on MY shoulders next fall, so I pledge to ignore every single game and thus assure the Chargers of a Superbowl berth next January. It's a huge sacrifice, but I'm willing to do my part for the team.

Besides, I get so into Chargers games that I scream at the TV and terrify my children. I did it once today and decided to go outside to garden on a glorious winter day rather than watch the Chargers (lose, oops, I mean) play. The photo above was the final play in which the Chargers were ahead. Good memories, that score.

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