Monday, August 9, 2010

Giving Thanks....

Joining the Gratitude Community on the path to A Thousand Gifts as I give thanks for His blessings, the little things and the huge ones--all marks of grace, glimpses o' glory.

Giving thanks this week for:

276. Prayer in a cemetery

277. Hard things that reveal so much that we need to learn

278. Rejection letters...because they show me where I'm lacking

279. The blessing of being able to homeschool our kids...and needing very little curriculum this fall

280. Boys who work hard in house and garden...for neighbors and for us

281. Guitar and piano music...played by our middle son

282. The melodic chime of mission bells

283. Learning, growing, teaching, absorbing

284. Hands held in darkness

285. Crisp nights dipping close to freezing...unheard of in a Southern California August

Thanking God this night and always,

holy experience

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