Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Weekly Hip Home School Hop!

We will be starting our thirteenth year of home education a week from today. I'll be teaching our three boys in grades 5, 8, and 10, while our eldest moves into the dorms at Point Loma Nazarene University this Friday.

It feels odd to only have three students, yet our daughter had a very light load last year and mostly worked as she only had three classes to finish to graduate.

So this year, this is our plan:

Fifth Grade
ABeka 5 Math
Bob Jones 5 Reader
Daily Grams 5
A Reason for Handwriting, Level E
Brave Writer: Writer's Jungle
California History at our co-op Class Days
PE at our co-op Class Days
Lego Design at our co-op Class Days
How Nature Works
Sonlight 100 Bible (with the older two boys)
German in 10 Minutes a Day
Spectrum Spelling

Eighth Grade
Saxon Algebra 1/2 with tutor
Sonlight 100 History (second half American History--using Hakim's Story of US)
Sonlight 100 Bible
Sonlight 100 American Literature (tied to history readings)
Apologia General Science at co-op Class Days
PE at co-op Class Days
Chess Club at co-op Class Days
Advanced Daily Grams (8th grade)
Online Spelling Program
German in 10 Minutes a Day

Tenth Grade
Sonlight 100 Bible
Smarr World Literature
Apologia or ABeka Biology with Lab at co-op Class Days
High School Art at co-op Class Days
Saxon Algebra II with tutor
ABeka World History
LiveMocha German 103 plus various workbooks
Online Spelling Program

So those are our plans...we'll see how they pan out during this year. I'll be teaching Intermediate and Advanced Writing at our co-op Class Days; for my syllabi and online essay help for high schoolers, see my website: Susanne M. Barrett: Online Essay Grading and Tutoring

Happy Home Schooling,

And Here's the Hop!


Lizzie said...

You saved my life!! I couldn't remember LiveMocha and my 9th grader is starting Danish!
Thanks. Came by from the Hop to say good morning!

Meghan said...

Thanks for joining in Hip Homeschool Mom's / Hop. I'm anxious to get to know you better! LOVE your blog and heart!


Kelly said...

Great list! We have been big Saxon fans.
Following from Hip Homeschool Hop.

Susanne Barrett said...

Glad I could help, Lizzie. We used Live Mocha for German 101 and 102 last year, and I was fairly pleased with it--especially since it's FREE. But I felt the lack of written materials, so I bought a few at Barnes and Noble for his second year of German.

Thanks, Megan for stopping by! I've been to your blog as well and *love* it! I wish I could afford a lovely professional blog like yours. So beautiful.

Hi Kelly! Our tutor insists on Saxon as the best math books for high schoolers. We use ABeka through 7th grade, then Saxon from 8th onward. Our kids' math scores are very nice each year, and they enjoy it. :)

Thanks for stopping by! I love the Hip Home School Hop--so many great blogs to check out!

Katrina said...

hmmm, I will have to check out this Live Mocha!

Susanne Barrett said...

Katrina, there isn't a lot of written work included with LiveMocha, so if you want a true high school college prep level, I suggest adding a few workbooks from Barnes & Noble, etc. But for free...LiveMocha is cool! They do have a paid subscription that includes some written work for $15 per class (semester), but I haven't tried it. LiveMocha has *tons* of languages, too. Very nice! We've done German 101 and 102 thus far; 103 and 104 are planned for this year.


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