Monday, August 2, 2010

Trodding the Path to Gratitude

This week's path to 1000 Gifts at the Gratitude Community is one of the "little things"--the simple, everyday things we so easily overlook and forget to thank God for...or at least I do. So on I trod, opening my eyes and my heart to the little things that make life so sweet...

...if only they are noticed.

So this Monday, drear with low-hanging grey clouds whispering the possibility of summer monsoonal rains, I thank God for...

266. ...sweet cherries, finally in season

267. ...peering into clear blue eyes, the color of summer skies, each morning for over 25 years

268. ...the rambunctious sounds of boys wrestling and tumbling in the next room

269. ...the quiet cool of early summer mornings

270. ...the hush of summer twilight, all creation quieting in the gloaming

271. ...fresh-squeezed lemonade, with lemons from the Ackers' trees

272. ...mare's tails stretching crisply across bluest-of-blue skies above shadowed mountains

273. ...small town parades, with small (and not so small) children scrabbling for candy thrown from restored jalopies, and with local firefighters crowned as hometown heroes

274. ...gardens growing despite benign neglect

275. ...the pale pink of Mexican primroses fluttering in afternoon breezes

To quote the renowned American poet, Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr., better known as John Denver, Poet Laureate of Colorado in 1977: "It's the little things that make a house a home" ("Back Home Again," 1974).

So true.

And it's the little things that make us people of gratitude, trodding the path of God's gracious gifts.

Walking with you,

holy experience

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