Friday, January 29, 2010

Crazy Busy with Brave Writer

For the next few days, my online time will be severely limited for a few reasons. Firstly, I have three huge Brave Writer deadlines looming this weekend. I need to write The Arrow and The Boomerang, both monthly language arts subscriptions. I ordered the books from the library on January 12 so I would have time to get an early start, but the books didn't arrive until Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. In addition, I start teaching the One Thing: Poetry online course on Monday for Brave Writer. Because I'm taking the class in a different direction than in past years, focusing this year on the writing of poetry, rather than appreciation/analysis of poems, I am having to write the vast majority of the posts from scratch.

March's One Thing: Grammar that I'll be teaching is already written as it's the brainchild of Brave Writer owner Julie Bogart, so it will be less work in composing the class at least. Taking a sort of backward approach, One Thing: Grammar involves playing with words then observing how they work and extrapolating hypotheses of possible grammar guideleines, it's also THE most creative and fun approach to grammar I've ever experienced.

So these three deadlines for The Arrow, The Boomerang, and One Thing: Poetry should keep me quite busy tonight and tomorrow. Besides Brave Writer stuffola, this weekend I need to write an article for our art council's upcoming writing and arts conference in May that will be published in multiple back country newspapers and perhaps throughout the county. The title of the conference is Beauty and the Beast: Arts in an Age of Adversity. It's gonna be great, and normally I would enjoy writing this article, but with the other deadlines hanging over my head, I'm going to have to rush a bit, something I dislike greatly when writing. The fun of writing is being so engrossed in the play of words that time dissolves, melting away until something mundane catches my attention and I am dumbfounded by the passage of time.

I also have usual weekend things to do: menu and grocery list, laundry, lesson planning for our four homeschooled students, paying bills, church, etc. Plus, on Sunday we have a real treat: our former youth & worship pastor, Rollo Casiple, who left sunny San Diego for sunny Miami where he pastors an inner-city EV Free church called La Vina Community Church, is going to be at Lake Murray for a visit. Rollo is one of my favorite people ever. When I first found myself being drawn into liturgy, I stopped by to talk it over with Rollo and found a kindred liturgical spirit. Rollo had seriously considered joining the Eastern Orthodox Church in the past; the reason he didn't was a feeling of irrelevancy to our current culture, and Rollo is all about reaching out to young people in our culture. He and his lovely wife Sarah (who grew up in a rather liturgical Lutheran church) will be here on Sunday, and after church Lake Murray is hosting a carne asada taco youth fundraiser that will allow us to hang out with Rollo and Sarah as well. I can't wait to see him and Sarah again and talk liturgy!

So this weekend will be a very busy one. I'm telling you this so you don't expect the composition of Italian sonnets or a long post about ecumenism or something along those lines. I'll post a few articles and such for the next few days for your perusal (never say I don't give ya anything!), but serious writing will have to be postponed until well into next week.

Oh, and I have Class Day grades for two classes plus my own four kiddos due a week from today, and much grading and computing to do to ready these final semester grades.

So we may have a rather thin week goin' on. I'll be back to play with words and ideas here as soon as I possibly can. Just a teensy warning....

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