Saturday, January 23, 2010

Creative Mayhem....

The storm clouds cleared; sunshine streamed through our windows this morning. When I made my way downstairs, the three boys were already outdoors, playing in the couple inches of snow deposited by the fifth storm this week. Grateful to be outdoors, the boys discovered a creative and energetic outlet in making snowmen. The large one they started yesterday was finished, and plans were made for its imminent annihilation. When the destruction flopped, T channeled his creativity into re-creating classic snowmen from the Calvin & Hobbes comic strips.

You may view these creative (and rather sick) snowmen on my photo blog: Susanne 365.


CC said...

I love the creative snowmen!

Jane D. said...

What brilliant creativity your boys display.....thanks for sharing this, my son is going to love the photos, shall show him later x.


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