Monday, January 25, 2010

The Gratitude Attitude, Continued....

On my journey to 1000 Gifts in Ann Voskamp's Gratitude Community, I am pausing by the wayside to thank our Lord and Savior for ...

61. ... the joy of watching Elizabeth choose a laptop that she saved the money for herself, hard-won earnings from a menial job that teaches her responsibility and helps her to value the fruits of her hard work.

62. ... friends on Facebook who pray for me, encourage me, and inspire me to love and good deeds. For friends from gradeschool through college, from various work venues and church friends as well as online friends new and old --"one is silver and the other gold."

63. ... for my job at Brave Writer where I impart my passions online in grammar, writing, literature, and poetry and receive pay for doing so! The perfect job for me.

64. ... for the other teachers of our children besides myself, whether they be at church, at Class Day, in our small town, or family. Thank you for investing your hearts and time into our children and teaching them all I cannot.

65. ... for the rain and snow of the last week as the drought-thirsty land quenched its parched throat with gulps of cool ice-water, nourishing oaks and pines, cedars and cypresses, and the dormant bulbs awaiting their cue.

66. ... for the benefit of a roof over our heads, food in the pantry, and firewood to keep us warm -- so much more than most people in the world possess.

67. ... my chiropractor, Dr. Charles Burns, who is so concerned and kind, first noticing that something was dreadfully wrong and treating me for the past eight years with patience and perseverance.

68. ... our family doctor, Dr. Donald Adema, an osteopath, who sees us not only as patients but also as friends, inviting us to his home and commissioning stained glass windows from Keith. He and his lovely wife are such blessings in our lives.

69. ... that the two doctors mentioned above work together and pray together to help me gain the utmost in health and wellbeing. Several years ago I was wheelchair-bound and couch-ridden, and now I am able to exercise for 30 minutes on my stationary bike, pedaling up to five miles per day.

70. ... for the improvement in my health and strength, especially over the past two months. I have improved greatly, and rejoice in being able to exercise for the first time in almost eight years.

holy experience


Roberta said...

May you be restored to perfect health. If your mental health is any indicator, appears you are there.

I consider myself spiritually motivated. Must admit I am uncomfortable with much organized religion has to offer, although with exceptions such as Science of Mind, Unity, etc.

Love your attitude of gratitude. Best wishes,
Roberta Lenhart

sarah said...

This is a wonderful list. I pray you gain perfect health one day soon.

Jane D. said...

Praising and thanking God with you Susanne :o)


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