Friday, January 22, 2010

Hope for Haiti ... Now

Tonight Elizabeth and I watched the amazing, incredible Hope for Haiti Now mini-telethon/concert. The musicians were incredible. MTV lists the entire performances and a mini-review of the song/artists, plus a small window replays the entire concert: MTV Help for Haiti Now.

The most amazing performances in my book was Justin Timberlake's rendition of "Hallelujah," one of my very favorite songs, Stevie Wonder's version of "Bridge Over Troubled Waters," and Kid Rock, Keith Urban, and Sheryl Crow's "Lean on Me."

Also, iTunes will be selling the downloads, all proceeds going to Hope for Haiti Now.

Our family gave to Haiti through Samaritan's Purse as they have a 30-year history of working in Haiti and were already a presence there when the earthquake hit.

If you haven't already, please consider donating to the relief efforts in Haiti. I'm sure you already have, and tonight's concert was another reminder that there is a loooong way to go to restore and help this country. Let's not forget Haiti.

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