Friday, January 15, 2010


It's been difficult to focus this week. The earthquake and its aftermath are foremost in my thoughts, as are our neighbors, L&S. L's mother was killed in the quake when the building she was in at a medical conference collapsed. My heart grieves for them, for those who have lost family and friends, for those who lost all of the little they had.

Ideas, thought, flitter back and forth, in and out. But they refuse to alight, to stay, to come into full focus. Emotions are stronger, pulsing, insistent. Sometimes illogical.

Grief. Sadness. Anger. Hope. Sorrow.

These emotions play musical chairs in my depths, changing places to the unheard tune--some winning at times, others dominant later.

I've read some thought-provoking responses to the events of Haiti and responses to those responses. A few worth reading:

Donald Miller, one of my favorite Christian writers

Elizabeth Esther, author of a blog I follow

Both of these reponses are in response to Pat Robertson's comments about Haiti. If you aren't familiar with his comments, you may watch the video here: Robertson

A difficult video to watch, but the True Christian, Biblical response: Liturgy New Zealand

Anger. Sorrow. Grief. Sadness. Hope.

"'Hope' is the thing with feathers--
That perches in the soul--"

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