Monday, July 26, 2010

A Heart Full

My heart fills with raw gratitude as I continue on the pilgrim pathway, the trail of gratitude that leads to 1000 Gifts at the Gratitude Community at Holy Experience, my favorite blog.

So this week I add to the list of gratitude to God for...

256. ...for a day spent with my girl today getting all the stuff she needs for the dorms at Point Loma Nazarene University on August 20--less than a month away.

257. ...for "spooning." Let's just leave it at that....

258. ...for watching bats flit by in the summer gloaming--on the porch with my Sweetie.

259. ...for late night prayers echoing through his chest to my ear as hands clasp soft in darkness.

260. ...for all six of us laughing at the dinner table--over I-don't-remember-what.

261. ...for hardworking boys who are much in demand by neighbors this summer for yardwork, walking dogs, caring for homes while families are on vacation, toting blocks for retaining walls, etc.

262. ...for images unfolding themselves into words, and thence into a powerful poem.

263. ...prayer by candlelight.

264. ...words dwelling side by side in harmony.

265. ...ancient prayer birthing fresh faith.

Writing with a heart full "to the brim and over the brim,"

holy experience

1 comment:

catherine said...

What a lovely list. How often I forget to really be grateful for the small things and the simple things that you mention. Good reminder for me to do that! :)


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