Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pine Valley Day(s)

Today was the 40th Pine Valley Days Parade--our small town's annual celebration. The parade traditionally begins with the high school cheer squad and finishes, almost an hour later, with the Pine Valley Fire Department, our town heroes.

"Herbie the Love Bug" joined us this year. I earned major "slug bug" points.

My favorites, the talented bagpipers--the pipes echo throughout our little valley so beautifully.

These tall tiki dudes were new this year--and very popular.

Our son J played guitar with the Free Teen Guitar Class, an outreach of Alpine Anglican Church of the Blessed Trinity

B waved from the antique firetruck, also hosted by Alpine Anglican, the church the kids and I have attended for weekday healing services for nearly six years.

After the parade, we settled into the booth hosted by Pine Valley Community Gardens, raising money through donations for our baked goods and other handicrafts to further our community garden and also attract more volunteers. Our oldest son T made the sign for the front of the booth and also sold many baked goods for us. Even Elizabeth joined in helping out in the booth, selling yummy stuff to the public.

It was a lovely day for our town festival, and it's on days like today that I am thankful to live in a small town.

With best wishes from your small-town girl,

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