Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Reading Update

So I've been working on my Summer Reading List and am ready to give a report on my list so far.

Weighed in the Balance by Anne Perry (1996). I was surprised by how much I liked this mystery...which did end up being one of the Monk series. True, I vastly prefer the Pitt series because of the lovely relationship between husband and wife as partners. But I found myself drawn into Monk's vulnerability, and the Victorian time period continues to be a favorite of mine. So, I liked the book--not a quick read, but Perry's books are usually complex. It was a slow I may have to follow up with the reading of more of the Monk series...perhaps in order?

The Ghost and the Haunted Mansion by Alice Kimberly (2009). This one was definitely mystery-light--in fact, mystery-light-light. It was cute, but that's really about all I could say about it. The plot was pedestrian, the characters flat, the mystery not terribly compelling. The "ghost" who haunts the main character, a 1940's P.I., quickly becomes annoying with all his (unimaginative) detective cliches. I enjoyed the bookstore setting, but that's really about the extent of my appreciation for this piece of uninteresting fluff.

Me and Mr. Darcy by Alexandra Potter (2007). I just started this one last night, and it hold promise as a light but amusing summer read. I could do without the frequency of the "f-bombs," but otherwise, it's definitely a decent beach read thus far. I'll let you know more after I finish it. But it's promising--definitely promising....

Hangman Blind: A Mystery by Cassandra Clark (2008).
I set this one aside yesterday after ninety pages--I found it dull and dense. I loved the medieval setting, liked the main character Hildegard, but the story just meanders; it's too densely written stylistically yet too loosely plotted structurally. I simply couldn't make myself pick it up again. I rarely set aside a book unread, but I just couldn't "hang" with this one anymore. Too many characters to keep track of, and not enough plot to keep me interested--rather the opposite of The Ghost and the Haunted Mansion, but even more unreadable, believe it or not. Sigh...I had such high hopes for this book/new series....  

My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult (2004).
Haven't started yet.

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte (1847).
I keep reading the first chapter--I think I've read it three times this summer. So I'm hoping to get past the first chapter and really start reading this one. We shall see....

Harry Potter's Bookshelf by John Granger (2009). I've read over half of this book, enjoying it in *small* increments. And I still haven't finished it. I may actually complete it before the year mark since starting it.

The Showings of Julian of Norwich (14th century).
Haven't started this one yet this summer, although I have begun it at other times this year.

Evangelicals on the Canterbury Trail by Robert E. Webber (1989). I can't wait to reread this one--I truly enjoyed it the first time through.

So here's my Summer Reading Update. Does anyone else have any great books to recommend? I'm always on the lookout for a wonderful read.

Reading with you,

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