Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Web Site for Grading and Writing

I've spent the last two days wrestling with Google Sites, trying to make myself a free website. Doing so hasn't been quite as intuitive as Google's Blogger platforms, but I've slowly learned by trial and error what works and what doesn't. Currently my main peeve is trying to add a PayPal button to the sidebar, but so far I think I have everything else nailed.

I'll keep my former blog site Susanne M. Barrett Blog up for a while since it's the address on my business cards, but now it also directs families to my new site.

So, (drum roll, please!)... here is my new web site for grading and tutoring services, plus information on my Class Day and Brave Writer courses: Susanne M. Barrett Site

I only gained one steady client from the blog site since January, but admittedly I haven't had the time to really advertise my services over the last few busy months. However, it's been fun helping this family develop their daughter's writing this spring. I found it quite enjoyable--even more so than I thought it would be. My services are so different from what I do at Brave Writer that I don't fear any overlapping. In fact, I advertise my Brave Writer courses and Julie's books very openly on my new site, besides hosting a direct link to Brave Writer in my sidebar.

It will also be very handy to have my Heritage Christian School Class Day syllabi and information right at hand for my co-op students. I also provide reading lists of my favorite books on teaching writing and grammar as well as helpful links for student writers and home schooling families. I hope that the parents of my Class Day students will find my site to be useful this year.

So I hope that the last couple of days' efforts will be helpful for my students and will also bring me more grading business from families enrolled in Heritage and from home schooling families across the US and around the world. I hope to provide sample papers with my comments soon so that families will see how I can help them develop their students' writing to the next level.

So if you're a home schooler, feel free to visit my new web site and send friends to see it as well. I'm still in the development stages, but I hope to have more resources at hand very soon.

Writing joyfully with you,

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