Monday, July 19, 2010

Pilgrimage to Gratitude

J and T at work at the beach....

Half of Timothy's sand sculptures....

The idea of pilgrimage came with Ruminate Magazine's new challenge to write 150 words on the theme of pilgrimage--and, yes, I have a rough draft simmering. So today I continue on my pilgrimage to 1000 Gifts via the Gratitude Community at Ann Voskamp's Holy Experience, my favourite blog.

Passing the 25% mark this week as I thank our Father for...

246. ...a glorious beach day last week, watching the boys create incredible sand sculptures all afternoon.

247. ...the grace of sitting under the Jeffrey pines in my beach chair, deliberately ignoring my to-do list, resting mind, spirit, and body.

248. ...sweaty hugs from hot, hardworking boybarians.

249. ...seeing Eclipse a second time with Elizabeth and her friend (and my former tutoring student) Erika.

250. blowing on high all night long, keeping us cool-ish enough to sleep.

251. ...a blessed time with a dear grad school friend, enjoying the beauty of Mission San Luis Rey, a terrific lecture on medieval church history, a wonderful lunch and touching visit with C, and a lovely chat with her husband J after our time together. Looking forward to next week's lecture, too, if she can make it as well.

252. ...another lovely lunch and visit with poet friends Judith and Kathryn as we ate Italian in a small downtown La Mesa restaurant on perhaps the hottest summer day thus far, chatting about family, writing, and the beach. Refreshing despite the horrid heat.

253. ...finally starting my MLA project, completing four pages today.

254. ...time spent in prayer today, following the Daily Office/Divine Hours.

255. ...precious days at home with my girl before she heads off to college next month.

Thanking the Lord for His good gifts, now and always,

holy experience


Rebecca Ramsey said...

What a great list!
I love your "boybarians!" Awesome sand sculptures!
Time with our kids is precious indeed!

Unknown said...

Love the sand sculptures. Has Tim ever been to the Annual Sand Castle competition here in SD? I haven't and it's something I would love to do. I know the pros will sculpt this Aug 8, and the youth on Aug 7.


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