Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dancing with the Stars Finale

So it's been a very exciting season of my and E's favorite dancing show, Dancing with the Stars. Early on we were big fans of Misty May Treanor whom we watched win the gold medal for beach volleyball in the Olympics last August. But Misty was out early with an injury. We were ever so grateful to see 82-year-old Cloris Leachman leave ... it just should have happened perhaps five weeks earlier than it did. We were glad to see Susan Lucci leave -- she tried too hard, although we felt quite bad for poor Tony who always gets stuck with the older women like Jane Seymour, Liza Gibbons, etc. It was definitely time for Maurice to go before the semi-finals, and Cody was a bit young and green, so it was time for him to go before the finals.

But really the finals are between two couples: Brooke & Derek and Lance & Lacey. Brooke has the most natural talent, but Lance has grown the most as a dancer, and he was downright incredible in the semi-finals this week. His and Lacey's mambo was stunning, and their jitterbug was nearly as good even though it was scored higher by a point. But their mambo was a work of art, truly. I've never been into NSYNC, but Lance has earned my respect as a dancer who is willing to work very hard and take some hard knocks along the way. And I remember Brooke from her Rock Star: INXS gig a couple of years ago, but I haven't seen her do much else. Brooke choked on her first dance, a jive, and redeemed herself somewhat with her samba, but Lance has truly transformed, and I find myself rooting for him to win. We've voted for both of them throughout the weeks, but we watched Lacey on Fox's So You Think You Can Dance so she's quite a favorite for us even if this is her first season on DWTS.

Don't miss the Final Dances on Monday night on ABC and the Final Result Show on Tuesday. We'll be fine as long as Warren doesn't win -- he's a ton of fun (quite literally) but his content and technique simply isn't in the same league as Brooke and Lance. So we're okay if Brooke wins, but I think that, underneath our "girl power" thing, we're both kinda hoping Lance wins. He's earned it.

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