Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Even More Computer Blues

My blessed husband very kindly sat down last night on the phone with our church secretary and computer guru, Veneta, to try to get my dinosaurish laptop to be able to log onto the Internet. After a couple of hours, they gave up. But then, something even worse happened. HIS computer wouldn't log onto the Internet either! So he called Veneta back and she was kind enough to work with him for well over two hours, and they STILL couldn't get his computer to log on.

So I'm writing this post from the lovely county library which has four computers dedicated to the Internet. They have a half-hour limit, but if no one else needs a computer, one can stay on indefinitely (or at least until the library closes).

So, as I'm still teaching an online class with Brave Writer, that's where the majority of my online time will have to go. Then it's e-mail, then my blog. So if this blog is a wee bit spare over the next couple of days (I hope it only takes that long to fix the problem, but I am probably being insanely optimistic), you'll know why. And getting images up on this blog will be next to impossible. So it may also be a bit boring in appearance -- but certainly not in content, right?

At least I can continue NaNoWriMo on Keith's computer as I don't have to be online to write the novel -- that is, as long as he doesn't have to take the computer to the "shop" or something. I may not be able to upload it to get a final count and all the expected honors on November 30, but I will at least be able to continue writing. It's going fairly well -- I missed my 2500 words last night by only 300 or so -- not too bad! I'm at 23,700-something. Nearly halfway. And it's still going really well; I'm still having fun, anyway, even if my hands, neck, and shoulders do protest most vociferously.

So, I hope that at least Keith's computer, if not my laptop, may be restored to Internet-readiness. If not, the librarians in our small town are going to be seeing A LOT more of me than they want to....


Henry Cate said...

Good luck with getting your computers up and running.

Access to the internet has become such an integrated part of our lives. It is kind of weird when we go on vacation or something, and don't have access for awhile.

Karen said...

Yeah, it's amazing how "addicted" we've become to communicating in this impersonal way, and equally amazing just how much time these devices actually occupy in our lives. I thought they were supposed to "save" us time? LOL!


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