Friday, November 28, 2008

With Advent Appoaching.....

... here is an excellent article on the Advent season, written by Michael Spencer, known as The Internet Monk in the blogosphere. Advent tells us one important fact that we cannot, must not forget: we need a Saviour. You may read it by clicking here.

Advent is my second-favorite season in the Church Year, behind Lent of course. Both seasons remind me of my own sin and my need for Jesus on a minute-by-minute basis. And both require a time of penitence, a time set apart for prayer and thanksgiving to Jesus Christ.

Advent begins this Sunday. I pray that we all prepare our hearts for the patient waiting that is Advent, waiting for the Light of the World to dispel the darkness of sin. I'll write more about Advent on Sunday. I already have my Advent candles ready for our family devotions, and at Lake Murray we'll be setting up the beautiful Advent wreath built by Keith several years ago and I'll also contact families to light the candle(s) and read Scripture at each service.

I can't wait for our own family devotions of reading Scripture by candlelight, singing carols, and praying together around our own Advent wreath. I love Advent -- and I'm so glad that Pastor Rollo started the tradition of celebrating Advent at Lake Murray. It's a blessed, blessed time to worship together as a church family as well.

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