Thursday, November 20, 2008

Quick NaNoWriMo Update

Well, last night Keith got my novel off of his computer and I was able to load it onto my laptop. So although I can't get online with m,y laptop, at least I can write my novel and get out of the corner where Keith's PC is. I felt rather trapped there in that corner of the kitchen, and last night it felt so amazingly wonderful and freeing to be able to take my laptop to the living room couch and work on mu novel. Because of the busy-ness of yesterday and all the computer issues, I didn't manage my full 2,500 words yesterday, but at least I'm less than 500 words short.

The cool thing is that I passed the halfway mark yesterday -- yes, I hit 25,000 words! I made it slightly past 26,000 words actually, and if I manage to write at all today and tonight despite a VERY busy schedule of kids' art classes, writing classes (which I teach), piano lessons, and theatre rehearsals, I hope to reach my goal of 29,000 words. I'm amazed at how naturally the words keep coming, how I see it in my imagination and translate it to the page. I've never written fiction before, and I've also never written with such abandon and with so little planning. Perhaps it's all crap. But at least I'm enjoying the process, even if it is very hard work.

Veneta called this morning, and she (bless her!) is willing to drive up the mountain with her laptop and see if she can get her laptop to work with our system. If it does, then we'll know that the online problem is indeed with our computers, as our ISP believes. If she can't, then it is indeed our ISP or the hardware -- routers, modems, etc. I have managed to keep up with my e-mail and Brave Writer class from the library over the past few days, but having the Internet available from home would simplify life amazingly....

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