Friday, November 21, 2008

New Movie on Homeschooling

As a result of Henry Cate's kind comment about my computer woes, I looked up his blog site and discovered this U-Tube preview of a film documentary on homeschooling. Many families new to the homeschooling movement may not be aware of the severe legal issues the homeschool pioneers faced in the early 1980's which is documented in this film. Assuring the legality of home education in all fifty states was far from an easy task, and one that can be taken for granted, although not nearly so much after our "scare" here in California earlier in the year. And families in Europe, and Germany in particular, are currently undergoing similar legal battles, including having children removed from their homes simply for homeschooling.

The film will be released sometime in 2009. Since I'm still posting from the library, I'm having problems embedding videos, but here is the link to the preview:

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