Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day at Last!

It's here. Finally. After two years of campaigning, advertising, and story after story after story on Fox News, it's Election Day at last.

E and I drove down the hill into El Cajon to join in making last minute calls for McCain/Palin, Yes on Prop 8 (traditional marriage amendment), and McCann for California State Assembly. We were calling registered Republicans who haven't been consistent voters. I made it through ten sheets of names and numbers, and E made it through eight. After two-and-a-half hours, my neck was really hurting, even though I tried to get up and walk around every twenty minutes or so.

I got into my first big debate over the phone last night with someone who was planning to vote for Obama. He was complaining about his 401K shrinking and how things had to change in Washington. I gave him some food for thought, enough so that he was "going to have to think about it." I'm not one for confrontation at all -- I hate arguments. But I may have made some headway with Michael which is rewarding for a non-confrontational person like me. Usually I feel fear creeping up on me each time I dial a number and relief flooding me when I get an answering machine so I don't have to talk to a real, live person. I much prefer leaving a message. I know, I'm a chicken. And making calls is very hard for me. But I did it, for hours at a time, because I really, really, REALLY don't want Obama as president. I've had three nephews in Iraq, so walking away without winning in Iraq is not an option in my book. Nope.

So although the odds are very much against a McCain/Palin win today, I can only hope and pray that the polls are wrong (as they have been so often before -- Kerry was ahead by six points in the polls last election day and he managed to win) and that Republican turnout will be high and that people will see the truth about Obama. I can only pray.

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