Saturday, March 6, 2010

Aaaaaah, Solitude!

Today I spent the vast majority of the day ALONE. It was more lovely than I can say for this homeschooling mother of four. I had a community garden meeting first, and then I had to drive into the city to deposit my paycheck that arrived today so we have food shopping money. I did make a stop at Borders to browse for a bit and bought a couple of birthday presents for our oldest son and a hardcover copy of Wuthering Heights for my daughter to read because the library copy is due (again). And I want to reread it, too. I've never liked it; it's the only one of the Bronte sisters' books I haven't liked (and I think I've read them all), so I am willing to give Heathcliff and Catherine another chance.

I almost walked into a Supercuts to get my hair cut, but I knew my dear husband wouldn't like it, so I didn't. My hair is the only thing about me that I can change when I get frustrated, but I do want to please him. So I settled with bringing home some Panda Express (saving half for tomorrow's lunch).

I spent most of the afternoon playing Billie Holiday, burning candles, and writing in my journal with my sepia ink and mahogany dip pen, both pictured above. I did a little work for my online grading business, read a little of Faith Hunt (see sidebar), a book Keith bought and asked me to read. The correlation between deer hunting and faith isn't really my thing, but I'm working my way through it as I can. I've made more progress reading it than any other book lately, so there we are.

But despite the interruption of having to go into the city today, I still drank in the solitude thirstily. After the great demands on my time and the stress of my life right now, the gift of time alone was simply lovely. I adore my husband and kids, but time alone at home filled me "up to the brim and even above the brim," as Robert Frost writes in "Birches."

I wish I had more time available that I could have spent in contemplative prayer, but that kind of solitude will have to wait until the next time I'm home alone. And who knows when that could happen....

Until I can, here's a post from my favorite blogger, Ann Voskamp at Holy Experience: "When You Are Afraid of Silence." Ponder and enjoy.


sarah said...

Such a lovely day! I used to like writing with an ink pen too.

Susanne Barrett said...

I only write with a dip pen and ink bottle in my journal -- I use a pencil or my Waterman fountain pen for writing poetry. Writing prose? Straight to the keyboard! :)

Thanks, Sarah, for your support and kindness.

Jane D. said...

That sounds like bliss Susanne, hope you get many more days like it this year x.


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