Friday, March 5, 2010

So Little Time, So Few Books

My free time has been minimal since the beginning of February when my Brave Writer classes began. My "free" time is fairly minimal to begin with, with homeschooling from 9 to 5 each day (sometimes longer--4 kids take a while!); two co-op classes to prepare, teach, and grade; my tutoring and online grading business; my volunteer proofreading I do for several churches/missionary organizations; my volunteer work with the Mountain Empire Creative Arts Council (MECAC), MECAC Writers' Workshop, and Pine Valley Community Gardens (and I run the blogs for each of them); plus the monthly subscriptions I write and the online courses I teach at Brave Writer. In fact, I have at least one class (and for a while, two at once) going at Brave Writer until early June.

So I am not going to have time to breathe, much less write or read.

Or sleep.

So I suppose that I shouldn't be too upset that I have little time to write (most of which occurs here on this blog, both prose and poetry) and read. I have a huge list of books in my sidebar I would love to be reading, but I am still working on the same three books now in early March as I was in early January. I've made a little progress with them here and there, but not overly much.

My hope is to spend some time reading tomorrow as I have a highly unusual scenario brewing: Keith is taking all four kids with him to my parents' place at the beach where he has been working to install an elevator in their condo. The boys are going to do yardwork for my mom while E is going to help out in the house. They are planning to leave rather early in the morning, and after I attend a meeting of the Pine Valley Community Gardens group, I will have the remainder of the day HOME ALONE--which never, ever seems to happen.

Yes, I have some work to do, but I hope I can enjoy some free time, perhaps even some reading. And perhaps even finishing a book ... before June.

Well, it could happen....

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Cheryl said...

Oooo enjoy your break! It sounds like you've earned it :)


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