Monday, March 15, 2010

Multitudes of Gratitude

On this Monday, Monday, I continue to add to my One Thousand Gifts at the Gratitude Community at Ann Voskamp's Holy Experience:

I thank God for...

121. ... new ink cartridges for my Waterman fountain pen, the best pen in the whole world when it comes to lightness in hand and absence of pain when writing.

122. ... warm spring days and the blooming of daffodils on my front garden

123. ... the warm, sleepy feeling that comes from a glass of Riesling with dinner

124. ... the return to our usual homeschooling schedule after trips and hauling wood and...

125. ... the new clothes I bought this weekend--a very rare thing!

126. ... gardening plans festering in my brain this spring and a community garden burgeoning in our small town

127. ... just bought tickets to see Kathleen Norris at PLNU's Writers Symposium by the Sea

128. ... my dear husband who makes such wonderful dinners for us each night when I'm too tired to move

129. ... dear friends like Diana who make me laugh at the most ridiculous things imaginable

130. ... the soothing "tick...tick...tick" of my grandmother's Seth Thomas clock on our mantel, a peaceful sound from my childhood

holy experience

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sarah said...

what a beautiful list


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