Thursday, March 4, 2010

Poem: Amused

I find it difficult to compose poetry into a computer. I need my little eco-friendly notebook, nine by six-and-a-half inches, and my fountain pen. A very sharp pencil will also do. I copy the Carry on Tuesday prompt across the top of the right hand page, and then focus on the first image the given quotation floats across my mind. Then I let it go, trying to explore and deepen it as I write.

After I have a rough draft, I then handwrite a second draft on the facing page, to the left of the spiraling wire. And with that draft I go to my laptop and click out a third draft that I play with as I re-think, re-envision, re-see, re-imagine the poem, tightening the words and images, fine-tuning details.

And thus I wrote this poem today, based on Prompt #42 at Carry On Tuesday: From the 1999 novel by Elizabeth Peters, The Falcon at the Portals:
"What is it you find so amusing, dear?"


What is it find so amusing?
You, who tip chin,
.....winnowing their inviting glances.
You, who smirk,
.....until I waken
.....your unspoken reverie.
I recognize the signs.

You think I don't notice, trust unyielded.
But I see you
.....through a glass clearly.
Your mirrored thoughts
.....(both staying and going)
.....strike my chest.
Gulping breaths,
.....I staunch the streaming wound
.....behind a facade of calm.
You do not notice.

Even walking at my side wander,
.....your hand subtly disengaging mine she (any “she” will do)
..........glances the familiar invitation.
In anticipation you smile,
Copyright 2010 by Susanne Barrett


sarah said...

It's always interesting to read about different writers' creative process. :-)

Stan Ski said...

Temptation is everywhere.


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