Monday, March 29, 2010

Quotation for Holy Week

With Holy Week arriving this week, this quotation by Henri Nouwen struck me with its power and truth:

"Passion is a kind of waiting - waiting for what other people are going to do. Jesus went to Jerusalem to announce the good news to the people of that city. And Jesus knew that he was going to put a choice before them: Will you be my disciple, or will you be my executioner? There is no middle ground here. Jesus went to Jerusalem to put people in a situation where they had to say "Yes" or "No." That is the great drama of Jesus' passion: he had to wait upon how people were going to respond. How would they come? To betray him or to follow him? In a way, his agony is not simply the agony of approaching death. It is also the agony of having to wait."
--Henri Nouwen


麗卿 said...


Susanne Barrett said...

Translation of above, courtesy of Babelfish:

"The world has not taken the road which does not pass, could not have overcome the difficulty, has not hit the enemy who does not defeat."

Translation of name: Li minister

Thanks for posting! :)


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