Monday, March 22, 2010

Multitudes of Gratitude

And thus continues my list in the Gratitude Community of Ann Voskamp's Holy Experience on my journey to 1000 Gifts as I thank God for...

131. ...the strength to pedal 3-5 miles per day on my recumbent stationary bike lately. It's been years since I've been able to exercise at any level, much less several miles on my bike as I am now.

132. ...the joy of returning to Point Loma Nazarene University for Preview Day with my daughter who hopes to live on campus there next year as a journalism major. Such a beautiful, godly place--makes my heart sing!

133. supportive husband who is helping me shed the pounds that accompanied my medications over the last two years.

134. teen and "tween" boys who stop to hug me several times each day. I try not to see it as a diversionary tactic when their math is unfinished....

135. ...the community of faith-hearted and like-minded people at High Calling Blogs who write passionately about poetry, art, literature, culture, and how faith intertwines us all.

136. ...the Writers Symposium by the Sea at PLNU this week, and my tickets that arrived today to see Kathleen Norris on Wednesday night with my dear friend Kathryn.

137. ...the spring days that bring daffodils and the urge to dig fingers deeply into soil, despite the risk of dirt-crescented fingernails.

138. spite of the spring days, the warmth of roaring fire at my feet while I type is welcome, warming me to very bone, releasing and relaxing cold-tightened muscles.

139. ...a minor thing, really, but the beginning of a new season of Dancing with the Stars is a fun diversion. I do love watching ballroom dancing, and perhaps, someday, dancing once again myself.

140. ...the relief of being caught-up on our bills--thanks be to God!

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deb said...

Love your list,
and that you get to see( hear) , Kathleen Norris, wow.


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