Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another Hip Homeschool Blog Hop!


Welcome all visitors from this week's Hip Homeschool Blog Hop! Pull up a comfy chair, put your feet up, enjoy a virtual cup of fragrant Irish Breakfast Tea and a Walker's shortbread biscuit or two, and hang out here a while.

Last June we graduated our eldest, our only daughter, who is attending and living on campus at Point Loma Nazarene University; she was home schooled all but one year of her education. Our three boys are in grades 5, 8, and 10 this year, and I welcome comments/questions from those of you just starting this wonderful (and sometimes frustrating and scary) journey of home education.

You'll see pages above on Home Schooling, Living with Chronic Illness, my love-affair with Liturgical Prayer, my Favorite Books on Writing, and even some Selected Poems I've written over the past four years.

A former university writing and literature instructor, I now teach writing classes to home schoolers at our co-op Class Days with Heritage Christian School in the San Diego area and online at Brave Writer, my most-recommended resource for language arts. I just finished teaching a class in story writing, and on Monday I started teaching the MLA Research Essay Course for high schoolers--there are still a few spaces and plenty of time to catch up if you're interested in enrolling your 10th-12th grader. In addition, I offer an essay grading service through my own website: Susanne M. Barrett: Essay Grading Service for Home Schooling Families.

So welcome to my little corner of the home schooling world and introduce yourself in the comments section if you'd like.

Wishing you well in your home schooling endeavors,


Erika said...

Hi Susanne, thanks for visiting my blog & for the sweet comment! It is always fun to find other homeschoolers. While I'm just beginning my homeschooling journey with my young children, I was homeschooled myself from 2nd grade all the way through highschool & I enjoy "meeting" other families homeschooling through highschool.

I'm now following you - thanks again!

Susanne Barrett said...

Hi Erika--

How wonderful that you yourself were homeschooled for most of your education! What a blessing!

Not long ago, I asked our four kids if they would home school their own kids, thinking that they wouldn't be sure. But instead I received four emphatic "YES!!!" replies! Well, the fourth one was as emphatic as a ten-year-old gets about the future, marriage, etc. ;)

Thanks so much for following! :) I'll be returning the favor.



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