Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Joining the Hip Homeschool Hop!

It's been a busy day...a day of planned home schooling which didn't happen. My dad called this morning to tell me that my mom had gone to Urgent Care this morning with pressure in her chest, shortness of breath, and very high blood pressure. Her doctor sent her right off to the ER in an ambulance. I quickly posted the prayer request on Facebook and to my online prayer lists before leaving to go down to the city. When I arrived a little over an hour later, my brother was already there, taking a day off from his pilot job.

We soon learned that Mom's cardiac workup was normal, but they wanted to transfer her from the hospital in La Jolla to Mercy Hospital in Hillcrest, near downtown San Diego--which they decided to do while Dad, Tom, and I were at lunch in the cafeteria. So after eating at the salad bar, we all made our way south to Mercy Hospital, Dad stopping by their house to get some things for Mom in case she had to spend the night. Tom and I met in the lobby and stopped by the gift shop where Tom bought Mom some flowers, and I sprang for the most recent People Magazine.

We hung around all afternoon, and after further tests, Mom was released to go home and follow up with her personal doctor...thanks be to God!

So after a day of non-homeschooling, I'm still game for the Hip Homeschool Hop! Welcome to all new visitors and dear friends!

You may read about our Home Schooling adventures on the page above, plus other pages on the Value of Liturgical Prayer for Evangelicals, and even some of my original Selected Poems.

So here's the Hip Homeschool Hop! Welcome!!! :) (Even if I am too late to join the list...sometimes being on the West Coast is a distinct disadvantage....)

Homeschoolingly yours,

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