Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Back to Poetry Prompts....

It's been months...like months since I've written a poem from Carry On Tuesdays prompts. But here I am, making an attempt, however weak, to write a poem. Actually, a prose poem--something I haven't done before.

I haven't written anything besides e-mail, blog posts, and journal scribbles since July. I still feel a little reticient, shrinking a bit back when thinking about putting heart out here again in public after being taken to task for my writing on this blog and in other venues. But I need to push forward, and I'm forcing myself to pick up a pen and put myself back out there...as I pray for a return of confidence, of walking forward con fide, "with faith."

Breaking out a new rough draft journal helped, too.

So this week I'm tackling Prompt #75 from the movie The Italian Job: "Look, if there's one thing I've learned..." with a prose poem.


if there's one thing she's learned it's that time spins inward. As years stairstep into decades we morph becoming other in spiraling slow-mo. Ideas discard themselves rolling bumping clicking one on another. Faith twists in on itself pulling forward pushing back. Time shifts unmasking pain remembered. Turning her back, she decides to walk through the minefield stomach trembling but mind free. What else can she do?

Picking up pen at long last, con fide,


paper roads said...

good for you Susanne! I'm so pleased you did this :-)

Theresa said...

Hi Susanne. Visiting today from iFellowship. I am a homeschooling mommy too. Nice to "meet" you :)

Susanne Barrett said...

Thanks, Sarah. I'm not sure it's any good, but it felt nice to compose again.

Welcome, Theresa! It's lovely to "meet" you. :)


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