Monday, October 4, 2010

On the Road Again

The weather has turned definitely fall-ish here in the mountains...and actually, throughout San Diego. Last Monday even the beaches reached temperatures between 102 and 105; on Thursday the entire county was drenched by pouring rain accompanied by flashes of lightning and rumbles of thunder. We were down in the inland valleys on Thursday and, as we drove home in blinding rain, lightning struck the hills surrounding us.

Fall is here. Tonight the boys gathered wood for the first time since early May, and we may be building our first fire of this autumn. As relieved as I am to greet autumn, I know that summer probably has another heat spell, perhaps even a Santa Ana, left in her, but I am hoping that fall is here to stay.

So I join again the Gratitude Community on the road to One Thousand Gifts, thanking God this week for:

336. ...the fallish feel of this day, with mists floating across the roads and rain in the air.

337. ...for rainstorms over this past week, drenching our gardens and putting to rest the fall fire danger, for a week or two at least.

338. ...for crisp Pippin apples, picked this day from our tree by the boys.

339. ...for the first fire of the season tonight, heating the house from our woodburning stove.

340. ...for the joy of journaling, pen scritching across thick, lined paper of my nearly-filled journal.

341. ...of mystery novels that distract from pain and sleeplessness.

342. ...for the many birthdays this week, of my dear friend Judith yesterday, of Jonathan's piano teacher/Elizabeth's former boss at the Bible Camp, of our pastor's wife tomorrow, of my mother and nephew on Thursday, and, finally, of Keith on Friday.

343. ...for the restocking (at last!!) of Armour thyroid that will be a huge improvement over the fake stuff I've been getting via mail-order from Arizona.

344. ...having Elizabeth home for the weekend--always a delight to have all our not-so-little chicks under my wings.

345. ...blessed news from our optometrist that Elizabeth's chronic eye condition, keratoconus, has not progressed; her eyes are stable and healthy...thanks be to God!

346. ...for the boys getting their schoolwork done in fairly good time this week.

347. ...the silence that filled our house with one boy online doing his German at LiveMocha, one reading his Civil War novel, and one doing his California History homework for Class Day. Aaaaah, peace at last!

348. ...the plans to keep the boys working...the beauty of incentives.

349. ...the completion of my Just So Stories class at Brave Writer with some brilliant stories written by some wonderful students!

350. ...and the arrival of the long-prayed-for storage shed for Keith's handyman tools that will free up his workshop for stained glass.

Basking in His multitudes,

holy experience

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