Friday, October 1, 2010

A Guilty Pleasure

We all have our guilty pleasures. Some of mine are the Twilight Saga (the books and the movies), mystery novels, and...Rachel Zoe.

A fan of Project Runway since Season 1, I've learned a little about fashion, so I couldn't resist watching Bravo's The Rachel Zoe Project when it first came out. And E and I were hooked.

Rachel Zoe, a stylist to Holoywood A-list celebrities like Anne Hathaway, Camaren Diaz, Demi Moore, and Kate Hudson, and her assistants Taylor and Brad, made for great TV. Rachel's husband Rodger also became more central to the show. Through Rachel's eyes, we got to experience New York, Paris, and Milan Fashion Weeks and see some of the best fashion shows of the hottest designers. It is escapism at its very, very finest.

So when Season Three debuted this summer, we were on it. It was a quieter season in some ways...less drama with Taylor gone...and more fashion--which I love. The different photo shoots, the extravagant fashion shows, the beautiful clothes, and the ssssshhhhhoooooeeeeess!!! I've only once paid more than $35 for a pair of shoes (and that was for a pair of NineWest ankle boots back in 1990), so seeing all the designer shoes is simply drool-worthy.

Rachel's world is so different from my own home schooling life in my Costco capris, Old Navy on-sale tanks and cardigans, and WalMart clearance pants and skirts. So watching amazing clothes and seeing rows of designer shoes is sheer escapism, and its very, very finest. If I had real money, much of it would go to buying nice clothes. Books and clothes are my weaknesses....

Rachel rocks a 1970s vibe with her clothes, and I prefer more 1940s/1950s esthetic. The 70s are so not my favorite fashion time period, but otherwise, Rachel is cool personified.

And Rachel's expressions are so fun! "Ba-na-nas!" "Aaaa-mazing!" "I die!" And wearing her trademark "sunnies" (above with Brad).

There is drama in her life for sure. This week it was reported that Brad is striking out on his own--the photo above is from her website/blog where photos of Brad's going-away cake were posted along with this, their last photo together as employer/employee. Rachel's on Twitter, too.

And here's a fun video which the filming of it is part of a RZP episode, and the total thing is hilarious:

So yes, watching The Rachel Zoe Project is a wonderful guilty I will miss until Season 4 comes along....

So un-fashionably yours,

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