Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Combining Forces: WWHW and PAD

This day I ponder Ann Voskamp's Walk with Him Wednesday theme of Scripture memory and Robert Lee Brewer's November PAD Poetry Chapbook Challenge on writing a location poem and see where the two could converge. I decide to go forth with both in one work and refuse to be tentative. I push forward. Almost as if I'm being brave. Hard work, that. Not my natural bent. But then, neither is posting rough drafts of my work in public.

this morning's Word
from the eastern window
swallowed by late roses,
morning light shifts solemn
across my shoulderblades.
seeking balance, pen poises on pages
staining faintly the pure
blue-lined white with darkness,
the Word refuting each black-tipped shadow.

this Truth sears memory--scarring,
branding its words and phrases into
my head so swashbuckled by heart.
moments of significant pause insist
quite intrusively, almost rudely, that
knowledge must not masquerade as understanding.
May this Word speared to the page
overrun me with His slightest tip.

Copyright 2010 by Susanne Barrett

Wishing you all the peace of Word Understood and made yours,

holy experience

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