Friday, November 5, 2010

Nov PAD Challenge Day 5: Metamorphosis Poem

photo from front porch by Susanne Barrett

Today's Nov Pad Challenge (Day 5) is to write a poem of metamorphosis, a poem of change. I've written a couple of poems that I didn't like much, and I'm not completely sure this poem is one of metamorphosis, but it's the best I can do.

On My Porch Steps at Sunset
With shoulders bowed,
I, seated on porch steps whitened
by footfalls of eighty years' living,
peer through veiled gloaming.
The dissipating light submerges
behind midnight mountains,
burning the locust trees in sharp silhouette.

Leathered wings slap against hefting heat
as the hunting bat crosses my vision, startling me;
inhaling chilled fear, I shift uneasy.
The last glimmer of this day slips
silently behind mountains inked,
hugging the town close
as darkness encloaks us.

Struggling to find words to heft images,

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