Thursday, November 25, 2010

Nov PAD Poem #24

My parents with our kids at the zoo, three years ago

I'm almost caught up--with two poems tomorrow, I will be. I'm actually posting the Day 25 poem for the November PAD Poetry Chapbook Challenge--the day it was given. But it's rough--very rough. I may go back and write some of the prompts I've missed...or I may not. We'll have to see....

Faded with the years,
the montage of memories
skittered across the TV screen.
Transferred from old Super-8 rolls,
these home movies, shot mostly
by my father, start with my mother's
childhood and encompasses their early
marriage, our birthdays and Christmases,
summers riding horses in the mountains,
winters driving long to see the snow,
ocean shimmering behind our sandcastles,
vacations to DC, San Francisco,
Grand Canyon, and Wyoming--
our childhoods rolling by
as we eat pumpkin pie
with whipped cream
and talk loudly over the music.

Copyright 2010 by Susanne Barrett

I hope that you all enjoyed your friends and families this Thanksgiving. May God bless you all richly and deeply with His good gifts!

Remembering tonight,


Carol said...

Thanks for the poem. I have never seen a picture of your parents before!

Susanne Barrett said...

You'll have to meet them sometime, Carol, when you're down here. :)


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