Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nov PAD Poem #18

I'm working with the prompt for Day 17 of the November PAD Poetry Chapbook Challenge for Poem #18 out of the thirty poems I hope to write this month and edit into a chapbook. It didn't help that I was watching an exorcism on Paranormal State while I was writing to this prompt of "Tell Me Why______"....

tell me why
tell me why he creeps
ensnaring minds,
entrapping souls,
bent on stolid destruction
of all that is holy and good.

he entered this world made his
through a decision eons ago
when a serpent hissed
into her ear
.....and she listened
.....and acquiesced
.....and tempted another
.....and they blamed one another
.....and they blamed the serpent
.....but never blamed themselves.

he crouches at the door deface devour destroy enter the weak and
..........swallow them whole,
..........leaving behind not a crumb.

do not succumb.
you may bend, perhaps, but do not break.
you are hedged by the Light
that glimmers in dankest night--
brightening as Grace approaches.

Copyright 2010 by Susanne Barrett

It's very rough, but it's what was going through my mind as I listened to the exorcism...what they called "deliverance"...with pen in hand. Evil is a real thing, and I tried to make him so without, I hope, being too cartoonish, too cliche.

Writing in the light,

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