Friday, November 19, 2010

Nov PAD Poem #14

The Nov PAD Prompt for Day 13, which is Poem #14 this month for me, is title the poem with a question and seek to answer it within the poem:

Who Am I?
I am a wisp.
A thought unconnected,
looping gracelessly through wind,
alighting nowhere.
I wish to be solid--
someone of consequence--
who with weighty word
pins truth inescapable
to the textured wall.

I am invisible.
A phantom, pen in hand,
only recognized through
ink splayed blackly across
cheap lined paper.
With little power,
I dread whisper of change
that may force my feet
to tread earth stolidly,
that may wedge reality
down my too-tender throat.

I fade....
until not a blot shows.

Copyright 2010 by Susanne Barrett

So I attempt to "catch up," to complete month with a solid thirty poems.

Keeping on writing the words,

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