Friday, November 12, 2010

Nov PAD Poetry Challenge, Day 12

The November PAD Poetry Chapbook Challenge for Day 12 is a "forget what they say" poem. Here's my attempt:

I Care
Yes, I care--
I care what they say
(the ubiquitous, ever-present,
undefined, nebulous "they")
I want to look good in their eyes
(smart, beautiful, talented, gifted),
not a gimp leaning on a cane
trapped in my body--
my mind the only part
that still works (kind of)
(when not too fogged by
pain meds or lack of sleep).
So, yes, I care.
I care what "they" think.
I care what you think.
And I wish that I didn't.

Copyright 2010 by Susanne Barrett

Caring when I shouldn't,

1 comment:

Jane D. said...

echos of my own heart Susanne x.


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