Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nov PAD Poem #22

My 22nd poem for the November PAD Poetry Chapbook Challenge is from the Nov PAD Day 21 Prompt: write a permission poem. So here is my very rough (very, very rough) attempt:

I grant myself permission
to be wrong--
praying that I may learn
to admit it with true humility,
not letting it discourage me,
not letting it slay me.

I grant myself permission
to be imperfect--
to lower my defenses,
to allow others into
the place in which
the "real me" dwells,
not caring whether they
like me (or not).

I grant myself permission
to truly be myself--
others may take or leave
this broken child of the Father:
only gracious because of His grace,
only merciful because of His mercy,
only loving because of His love--
His right, perfect Love.

Copyright 2010 by Susanne Barrett

It's difficult to give myself permission to be wrong, to admit it, to be humble--it's so hard for this broken child who needs His mercy so much, who wraps self in rightness and pride rather than let down my defenses and allow others in. I pray that I can change...with God's help, and with your prayers, which I dearly covet.

Trying to give myself permission,

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