Friday, November 19, 2010

Nov PAD Poem #13

Okay, my MLA Research Essay course at Brave Writer ends today, so I'm returning to the November PAD Poetry Challenge at Writer's Digest of writing a poem a day for the month. Since I'm behind a bit, I'm posting by poem number rather than day number.

So here is Poem #13, from a prompt I came across in a poetry group at She Writes. The prompt: begin all stanzas with "The solution is...."

The Solution
The solution is silence:
To quiet the dry heaves of busy-ness...
To blanket mind and heart with peace
quilted of words, phrases, clauses
sewn tight with thought, tangled and torn.

The solution is solitude:
To be alone at long last in empty house,
No one to care for, no needs to supply...
Aglow with aloneness that opens mind,
spilling soul onto page in gorging flow.

The solution is simplicity:
To discover self on thick stiff paper
welled with sepia ink dipped from
brass-nibbed pen, antique in spirit...
to unbury heart with words...and more words.

I am enjoying the Poetry II Group at She Writes so much...such an incredible group of women who produce incredible work, including one poet whose blog I have been following for months on my Google Blog Reader.

Returning to poetry,

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