Monday, November 1, 2010

Hallowe'en 2010

Hallowe'en is always somewhat of an afterthought in our house. Elizabeth plans ahead, but the boys often don't decide what they want to be until a day or two ahead...and that's usually at Elizabeth's prodding. On Friday afternoon when we stopped by the Halloween store on the way home from PLNU, she called T and B at home to see if they wanted anything. If she hadn't done so, I doubt they would have decided on anything at all.

So Elizabeth went as Hermione from Harry Potter, especially with Deathly Hallows Part 1 coming out later this month. With help from Keith and Elizabeth, Timothy went as a Nazgul (ring wraith) from Lord of the Rings. Jonathan changed his mind at the last minute, going as a knight rather than as a soldier. And Benjamin was a Ninja, complete with knives and nunchuks.

We usually take Elizabeth back to college after church on Sundays, but we brought her back up the mountain yesterday so that she could take the boys trick-or-treating. Halloween is a fun thing in our small town as everyone flocks to the one little subdivision with street lights. There's a Gospel Barn hosted by the community church and lots of people having parties and bonfires in the front yards so that the parents can hang out a bit and chat while the kids continue on their rounds. It's not uncommon for high school kids to come around, helping the younger ones or assisting at the Gospel Barn. It's just good, small-town neighborhood fun. I drove Elizabeth back to campus, dropping her off by 10:45 so she could get a smidge more studying done before bed.

For more photos from our Halloween, see my photo blog: Susanne 365 and Beyond.

Spookily yours,

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