Monday, January 29, 2007

1/03/07: A Genealogical Beginning

Happy Tenth Day of Christmas!

After getting my new non-metallic crown put in today (ugh - dental work!), I stole off to the University of San Diego library. It's one of the most beautiful libraries I've ever studied in -- I remember cramming for my comprehensive exams (in place of a thesis) for hours in there -- overlooking the rose garden. The wooden floors and Gothic-styled chairs of the Reading Room are lovely, lit by large east-facing windows.

I came in search of a Master's thesis on the architects of my family. When I Googled my great-great grandfather's name a few weeks ago, a history thesis from USD popped up which recounts the firm's history and buildings (William, Edward, and Charles Quayle). Since this one document may provide a great deal of info, I thought it was worth the trip to locate it. First of all, it wasn't on the shelf, and it took the librarian quite a while to locate it. When he handed it to me, I was a bit nonplussed; it was at least four inches thick, so my plans for photocopying went right out the rose-scented window. Then I realized that my USD Alumni card, which allows me to check out books, was fifty miles away, in my desk drawer at home. And I wasn't in the computer system since I haven't used my USD library card for nine years. So the tome is on hold, and I hope to pick it up Friday.

It looks very much like it will be worth the trip. There was a huge list of EVERY building the Quayles designed from Illinois to Colorado to San Diego, including family dwellings, buildings for the 1915 Exposition in Balboa Park, and theatres, fire stations, police stations, etc. Lots of stuff -- I'm excited about reading it all and finding all the information in one place. I hope that finding this thesis will save me a LOT of time and the trouble of going to the archives in Balboa Park. From past experience, it is NOT easy to find material there.

So that was the main event of the day. We're also looking forward to the Twelfth Night celebration Friday night at Father Acker's home. I picked up a gluten-free spice cake mix that we used for Christmas Eve so that our kids will have something nice and fun to eat. Gluten sensitivities can be a pain! At least there are a few good gluten-free mixes and products available. Since the cake was absolutely delicious on Christmas Eve, I think it will be agreeable even to those who don't have gluten issues.

Again, Happy Tenth Day of Christmas!

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