Monday, January 29, 2007

1/9/07: Tuesday Doings

Tuesdays are my crazy days. We spend the whole day in the city, and every other Tuesday, we're "down the hill" for over twelve hours. At least I wasn't hooked up to a chelating IV for two hours in the afternoon as I usually am since I am waiting for my appointment with Dr. Howe next week before resuming treatment. But today looked like this:

I took B to the Bible study on Judges with Lady Bereans from 9:30 - 11:30. Then drove B to Keith's office where other three kids were completing their schoolwork. We ate lunch between spelling lists, and then taught Bible, history, and B's phonics. While E had her weekly algebra tutorial from Johanna, I took the boys to the El Cajon library for a treat as it's five times larger than the one in our little town. I settled the boys in the children's section and wandered over to the Christian stacks. The boys reappeared a few minutes later, with a written warning from a security guard that said I couldn't leave the boys unattended in the children's area, even though I was only a few stacks away. So I dragged them through the Christian and the mystery stacks, then I sat in the kids' section so they could look at books. Seemed a little ridiculous to me, but perhaps the library is having too many parents dropping off their kids at the library in lieu of daycare or something like. T selected eight or so books on owls, his latest obsession, and B checked out a Bionicle book that T has promised to read out loud to him.

We drove back to Keith's office, and I exchanged three boys for one girl in my car. A visit to Dr. Burns at 3:00 was in order, and he did some different stretching things to my neck that brought tears to my eyes but we hope will help with the pain so I can sleep better at night. He's also ordering in some iodine for my thyroid. Then E and I settled ourselves at Starbuck's over carmel apple ciders while she finished her algebra and science and I read Shakespeare of London. After a quick look around our favorite haunt, Barnes and Noble, an early dinner at Chili's followed which broke our gluten-free diet: we split a BBQ ranch burger and fries. We made it to the San Diego Women's Club almost an hour before we needed to be there, so E had plenty of time to change and prettify herself before class began. At Junior Cotillion, Ms. Kent first taught about dress codes (informal, semi-formal, formal), table settings, then taught the students the basic footwork of a new dance, the East Coast Swing. During the last dance, the students practiced a simple turn; it was amusing to watch but most got it the first time around. And we got home just in time for House M.D.

Yes, it's been a busy day, but a good one. I just hope I can get up in the morning, especially as T has an orthodontic consultation at noon tomorrow, right before his piano lesson.

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